Hailun Guo | COACHELLA 2019
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Coachella 2019 week 1 has passed for a week. I couldn’t update my blog until now-almost week 2, because I got so exhausted (physically and emotionally) from the event, and currently still recovering from it. Just imagine: for three days you keep running around in the desert, bearing the sunburn & dehydration, inhaling the dust, and your mood gets sky high when you see the singers you admire for years (Selena Gomez ? Ariana Grande ?), or maybe a little bit disappointed ? (BeyoncĂ© didn’t show up… Ooops!)

All these make you have Post-Coachella Syndrome that you do need time to heal. And if you are one of the people who attend two week Coachella in a row, I call you HERO!

Every year of this time, people on social media seem all swarming into the one & the only destination, from celebrities to Youtubers and influencers… This really make people who are not going suffer this insane Coachella FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Maybe that’s why people hate Coachella, but they still go.

Anyway, if you decide to treat yourself generously and lucky enough to get the ticket, you may want to continue reading this blog, because I would love to share some tips here, that might help you avoid some mistakes 🙂

Book everything EARLY!

Obviously, tickets are so hard to get: When Coachella start selling tickets on Jan 4th at 11am PST, the weekend 1 tickets had sold out in just 40 minutes! And even you willing to pay extra money for the resell tickets, there is a waiting line…  Not just that, the flight tickets to LA and the hotels around Coachella all gone wild during these two weeks. So suggestion NO. 1 definitely is to book everything as early as possible. If you decide to attend the event no matter what, then I highly recommend you book the flight tickets and hotels even before you get the Coachella ticket!

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!

I saw people passed out. It could be due to over-excited, but most likely it’s because of dehydration. Yes, the prices of food and liquid in the concert are not that lovely. But since you already afford the pricy ticket, then by skipping water won’t save you much. The entrance staffs won’t be too strict if you bring sealed water bottle, and they usually let you get in. You can also bring empty water bottle, and get the filtered water by water station (A long waiting line tho), or treat yourself lemonade first and use the cup to get free water from station?! but of course, you can also be generous, drink water, Lemonade, beers whatever makes you happy, and worry about money afterwards.


You will find Bandanas have multiple use in Coachella: Help you create different style “Coachella look”;  wipe away sweat; wear it like scarf to cover your neck & avoid sunburn; double it as a dust mask, so you can dance to your favorite song without holding your breath…

Keep your essentials safe.

Unfortunately, I do hear people lost their cellphones and wallets in Coachella. It’s sad especially if you plan to post pics on social media and you lose your cellphone on Day 1… I can imagine how frustrated you will be for the rest of the days. So be cautious and also there are plenty of lockers around the entrance if you think it’s necessary.

Some other things you might keep in mind:

Once you fasten the wristband, you won’t loose it unless you cut it, so don’t be the curious person to test wearing it a month before Coachella;

Make sure you download the Coachella app and register/activate the wristband before you go to the event;

Also use the interactive Map in the app to find your parking, you will get so lost without it!

When entering the event, you will go through  the first wristband scanning, second wristband scanning, then the security.

SLR camera and tripod are not allowed officially. However, it depends on how strict the security guy you come across, FYI, I did bring in my camera for all 3 days (finger crossed).

Yes, you can wear the wristband to take shower or hot bath (If you decide to do comping, then good luck for getting shower… You better be an early bird to avoid the crowd).

Best wishes for Coachella 2019 week 2 goers! Have fun, enjoy the music and keep the Coachella vibe alive!