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When the idea of travelling Portland popped out, I got plenty questions from friends: “Is Portland a travelling destination?” “Summer would be nice, why winter?” “It’s foggy and rainy all day long, you won’t get anywhere”. Even when I landed in PDX airport, I still got text like “Hey, are you in Portland already? Can you see anything in the fog?” I believe winter Portland has been misread since always, and I have the urge to correct the misleading impressions.

But first of all, I would love to clear up my belief about travelling: For me, travelling is not necessary all about joy, fun, and relax, sometimes it goes opposite to the tough side, which goes deeper to the spiritual level, something kind of “getting a better me from the trip” thing. Number two, unless extreme hazard weather, otherwise, I don’t really mind visiting a place in “tough” season, since I believe a city or natural attraction has its different beauty in different time. And if you are with me, then here we go!

Clothing wise, I chose the camel shade overcoat for the winter season. Maybe it’s because the rainy and foggy weather, before I went to Portland, I already somehow related this city to London, so I brought a scarf from Burberry, a leather backpack from Calvin Klein, and an umbrella from Jones New York to complete this “London Look”.

The Society Hotel, originally built in 1881 as a boarding house for sailors, has the  convenient location: among Old town/Chinatown, less than one mile from the Portland Art Museum. The rooms and suites featuring hardwood floors and exposed brick walls with historical artifacts. Perks include a chic lobby café with a cozy fireplace, and a rooftop bar with the city view. When you go to the rooftop bar, you are also provided with clean blanket for the cold weather, which I think it’s showing the hotel’s care and sweetness.

If you only can try one food in Portland, it would be VooDoo Donuts, known for its eclectic décor, and pink boxes featuring the company logo. The company offers over 100 varieties in total. This donut is so viral that after the first try, the second morning I woke up at 5am, walked 10 minutes under rain to eat their donut.  As an early bird, I luckily avoided the super long waiting line.

On the other side of the city, there are also some “newborn” donut shops as competition, their donuts are full of experimental sense. I gave it a try in Blue Star, and it turned out to be another beautiful start of the day.

If you don’t mind eating street food, I would highly recommend a small food truck called “Small Pharoah’s”, they provide Egyptian Halal food. This Lamb gyro tastes like heaven, and big portion with reasonable price, let alone everything is tax free in Portland!

Multnomah Falls, as Oregon’s most-visited site, is usually crowded on summer weekends when the parking lot frequently fills up. So another reason you should visit Portland in winter time! Blessed!