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As Chinese New Year 2019 is around the corner, visiting the Chinese gardens provides one way to celebrate this prominent festival. The Garden of  Flowing Fragrance (Liu Fang Yuan) at Huntington Library Los Angeles, as the largest Chinese-style gardens outside China, is an ideal space for one day getaway, family hanging-out, or getting better ideas of Chinese architecture, art, and culture.


Into the bamboo forest. Bamboo is not only giant panda’s staple food, but also a symbol of virtue in Chinese culture. It reflects people’s souls and emotions.

A tranquil haven away from the world’s turmoil.

The plum trees are in full bloom now at the garden Liu Fang Yuan. In Chinese culture, the plum flower is a symbol of resilience, as it blooms in cold winter time.

A Chinese garden is like a scroll painting, presenting a series of carefully composed scenes. Water, symbolizing the ever-changing, and rocks, symbolizing the eternal, create a harmonious balance of nature’s Yin and Yang.