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Do you agree with me that a man’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up? And furthermore, it’s the colors of the shoes that give others first impression?

It’s true that these days footwear, like everything else in menswear, has grown less rigid — you can wear a pair of white sneakers with a suit, or match Oxfords with jeans. But when it comes to color-matching, you might notice most footwear brands, especially leather shoes, are inflexible, and lack of courage & creativeness. Most menswear guideline would tell you “black shoes with black trousers, brown shoes with tan chinos”. Well, the problem is you most likely have more colors of outfit than just black and tan, and you prob don’t want to wear the same outfit of work to meet up your family or friends.

I believe, just like menswear clothing, we need a rainbow of footwear colors to give enough options!

Ok, “rainbow” is probably too exaggerate to put, but you get my point! And this is why when I came across Colorsty, I felt the problem had been solved.

Colorsty has the mission to let guys “ feel energetic and warm with a pop of individuality that adds a little fun to their boring everyday work”. Walking the fine line between classy and modern, Colorsty broke the mold of traditional leather shoes, and bridged the gap between work and life.

Looking through Colorsty (shop link) I actually got a little bit overwhelmed for how many color combinations they offer, which certainly will make the outfit pairing experience much more fun. I am also surprised by how other menswear bloggers demonstrate the shoes, and how many extraordinary looks they created!

Besides the fashion style, Colorsty pays a high level of attention to the quality. 100% handcrafted with full grain leather & sheepskin make them so comfortable to wear. They use a professional solution to dye their leather, giving them an uniquely bright, clear colors that don’t fade over time.

Yet I am not saying nailing shoes’ colors is easy. In fact, It’s probably the hardest part about getting dressed in the morning. Personally, my thought regarding multi-color shoe wearing is: Keep the rest of outfit simple. Since I am wearing something bright on feet, then better anchor them with neutrals elsewhere.

As a neutral color outfit lover, I chose Contrast Brogue Shoes in Khaki & White ( Shop the look). I figured its bold combination of rich khaki and crispy white hues would go well with most of my clothing. I have been obsessed with its elegant & classy look!

And I love the floral design in this Full Brogue Shoes in Navy Blue (Shop link). I always think the floral design in menswear is a statement for confidence, and it gives that relaxing vibe to the look. Besides that, I have to say, pairing up outfits with this floral design Brogue is fun!! I keep the clothing part simple and in neutral colors, so the brogue’s floral design can pop out, and do the talking!

Colorsty creates unique shoes with zero compromises in terms of quality, design or price. Let their distinct footwear designs be your statement, be your voice, and don’t forget to use my promo code “Hai” for 12% discount!

It’s a fun and fashionable way to express yourself!